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At PureTex, we believe that our distinctive, cutting-edge technology improves the staff and patient experience, and impacts your bottom line.

Infection Prevention:
A majority of PureTex product will be constructed from antimicrobial fabrics that prevent the spread of healthcare-acquired infections. Our manufacturer weaves an antimicrobial agent into the textiles on the loom — so that every square centimeter packs a powerful bacteria-fighting punch. Our fabrics will incapacitate microbes, making it impossible for them to reproduce or absorb nutrients. The result? 99.9% elimination of harmful bacteria commonly found on textiles in medical settings.

Safety & Comfort:
From scrubs that repel fluids to bath blankets that facilitate and prolong warmth, our products will be intelligently designed to keep your staff and patients safe and comfortable. We will source the finest performance-based materials — like super-soft microfibers, sophisticated poly blends, and moisture-repellent fabrics — and then leverage their unique properties for maximum comfort, safety and use.

Chips for Tracking:
Say goodbye to missing inventory — we will embed most PureTex products with an RFID tracking device. This allows us to pinpoint a product’s exact location, and also determine how many times it has moved through our laundry facility. And, because we will track the age of every PureTex product, we can easily identify and remove items that have reached the end of their life-cycle.

Green Technology:
To reduce our footprint, PureTex processing facilities will use state of the art laundry production machinery in tandem with green technology. We will implement energy-saving processes and use environmentally neutral chemicals, while upholding our rigorous standards for sanitization. And, our researchers are always on the forefront of emerging, environmentally sound laundry processing methods, such as ozone cleaning.

PureTex Advantage

  • Fluid repellent and Odor resistant apparel
  • Performance based products
  • Ozone washing systems
  • RFID monitoring systems
  • Antimicrobial technology