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Healthcare And Medical Linen Service

Your healthcare linens aren’t simply accessories to your medical practice. From scrubs to cleaning items to sheets and blankets, these valuable textiles can actively combat infection, comfort patients, and streamline operations.

At PureTex, our top priority is to keep your patients and staff comfortable and safe. That’s why we offer the highest quality of commercial laundry services for healthcare linens & medical apparel. Our delivery areas include hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers in the Central Florida area.

We offer a complete line of antimicrobial linens and apparel that inhibits the growth of bacteria by 99.99% on the surface of the fabric. We use state- of- the -art equipment that significantly reduces the amount of natural resources and chemicals that are used in the laundering process. Our hygiene quality exceeds both OSHA & CDC standards, making PureTex Solutions Florida’s most advanced commercial and medical laundry company.

Puretex Solutions is one of the most trusted medical & hospital linen services company in the Central Florida area. We offer commercial linen and apparel services to healthcare facilities all over the state of Florida. We specialize in providing healthcare linen services to surgery centers, outpatient centers, nursing homes and hospitals.

Medical & healthcare linens require crucial maintenance standards in terms of regular cleaning, supply & availability. Not all medical linen suppliers are the same. We offer a complete array of soft and reusable antimicrobial textiles that provides an extra layer of defence to ensure our linens are always hygienically clean, even after leaving our trucks. Our healthcare linen products include drape sheets, flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, blankets and more.

Puretex uses state- of- the -art equipment that significantly reduces the amount of natural resources and chemicals that are used in the healthcare linen cleaning process. We go above and beyond the medical linen cleaning standards of OSHA and the CDC. From medical linens to healthcare uniforms like lab coats and scrubs, PureTex is raising the bar to provide the best of services, with the best possible products.

The following are the facilities where we provide high performance linens, technologically superior linen services, unparalleled customer response, and delivered billing.


What can you expect?

Round-the-Clock Service:
Yes, we like to sleep. Who doesn’t? But that’s why we have our Customer Service Representatives who are committed to taking care of your every need at any hour of the day.

Linen Management:
Who has time to track linen usage? We do. Controlling your linen usage is our job.  We make sure you always have the right amount on hand.  Never too little, and never too much.

Flexible Delivery Schedules:
Like us so much you want to see us every day? We have flexible delivery schedules to meet your needs whether every day, every week, or just once a month.

Custom programs :
One size fits all does not apply to us. We tailor each program based on customer needs.

All of our facilities meet or exceeds standards laid out by APIC, CDC, Joint Commission and OSHA.


Our territory currently extends throughout Florida, and we expect to develop national reach within the next five years.
We currently serve the following Florida cities: