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Quality Assurance

Every PureTex employee, from the soil sorter to the delivery driver, will do a quality assessment of each product before it leaves his or her hands. Our quality assurance extends to the following areas:

We’re vertically integrated with LifeThreads, a linen manufacturer that will provide the vast majority of our products. As our sister company, LifeThreads shares our mission to provide consistently high-quality linens — without any surprises. We won’t switch vendors erratically, or compromise quality to save money. And, we frequently weigh in on the production process to make sure our high standards of craftsmanship are being met.

Cleaning & Packaging Cycle:
Before your PureTex products arrive at your facility, they will go through an exhaustive process at ours. We begin by checking in linens, sorting them into categories, while removing any biohazard waste and trash along the way. We wash each category in computerized machines using our own customized formulas. Once our products are washed, we either run them through a flatwork ironer system to dry, press and create crisp, clean folds; or full-dry them in our state of the art moisture sensing dryers. Then, we fold, sanitize, package (using sanitized packaging), and stock each, so it’s immaculate by the time it gets to you.

Healthcare Linen Tracking:
Most PureTex products will be imbedded with an RFID device. These tiny chips allow us to locate inventory, as well as run reports on where our inventory has been, how many times we have washed a given item, and more – and share our findings with you. PureTex analytics will help you strategize your marketing, adjust your order frequency, and manage inventory with ease. And, since most products have a unique RFID chip, our inventory will be completely searchable — all the better to quickly resolve client issues.

PureTex Advantage

  • Infection control packaging
  • Rigid pre packaging standards
  • Comprehensive quality audit systems
  • Product stability from one manufacturer
  • Sanitation systems for all hard and soft surfaces