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Products – Lab Coats, Hospital Gowns, Linen Towels

Scrubs, Lab coats, patient gowns and other medical apparel and linens play an important role in hospitals & other healthcare facilities. Our goal is to provide the healthcare industry with the finest textile products offering maximum protection against harmful bacteria.

Puretex healthcare linen service will provide your healthcare facility with the highest quality antimicrobial lab coats, patient gowns & linens. Our antimicrobial products are available in different sizes and we offer customized embroidery options.

At PureTex, we’re continuously innovating products that improve the patient and staff experience. We begin by asking health professionals how their current scrubs, blankets, sheets, and gowns fall short. Then, using performance-based materials and cutting-edge techniques, we create products that solve problems.

A heat-retaining blanket. Super-absorbent, non-linting surgical towels that don’t dull instruments. A patented 2-Ply fitted sheet that delivers patient comfort, stain resistance, and durability on one side — and a stabilizing grip on the other.

Our RFID chips will improve product retention, while our antimicrobial fabrics will kill over 99.99% of harmful bacteria commonly found in medical practices and hospitals. That means less time spent tracking down lost items, and happier, healthier patients and staff.

With over two decades in the medical linen supply industry, our founders have a keen understanding of what your facility needs. Our customer service representatives guide you through our extensive line, and help you determine which products can help you
minimize risk, while saving you money and boosting the patient experience.

Our complete line of products will include:
Healthcare Apparel (scrubs, patient gowns, surgical or isolation gowns, lab coats)
Healthcare Linens (drape sheets, flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, blankets and surgical towels)
Cleaning and Dust Control (dust mops, microfiber mops and buckets)

To find out more about the individual products we are offering , and how they can make your facility safer, more efficient and more comfortable, call or email us today

PureTex Advantage

  • Antimicrobial linens and apparel
  • Heat retaining blanket
  • Patented envelop design sheet
  • Super absorbent non-linting surgical towels
  • 2 ply heat sealed bed pads that refrain from fraying and separation