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PureTex adheres to, and more often exceeds, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Act) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards for medical textiles. Every uniform and lab coat we offer provides full-barrier protection from potentially infectious materials. We follow CDC standards for laundering and packaging. And, our products align with OSHA’s latest trio of recommendations for medical textiles: they’re comfortable, antimicrobial, and, in the case of our protective outwear, act as a powerful fluid barrier.

Temperature & Washing Methods:
Each PureTex plant is equipped with sophisticated computerized washing machines that work in tandem with our unique washing chemistry to kill bacteria. To reduce our environmental impact, we research and employ highly effective, environmentally innovative wash methods, like microbe-busting Ozone technology. Additionally, we’ve tailored our customized formulas to each category of stain, resulting in squeaky-clean, ultra-sanitized linens.

We package our products for delivery according to CDC standards — but we aren’t stopping there. In addition to using sanitized containers that keep out potential dust, germs and spores during delivery, we will re-sanitize each item prior to packaging for an unparalleled clean.

To learn more about how PureTex products can make your healthcare facility safer, cleaner and more comfortable for patients and staff, call or submit an inquiry today.