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About Us

In a world of uncompromising business demands, PureTex is leading the industry in innovative solutions to every day laundry challenges.

These challenges include a desired need for improved cleanliness of goods, more dependable delivery systems, billing models that drive consistent value and a service guarantee that supports customer loyalty and confidence.

At PureTex we offer all of this and more with “The PureTex Advantage”.

You can always count on PureTex to satisfy your complete commercial laundry needs. We are the only major brand to establish separate processing facilities to ensure not only segment integrity but to guarantee your laundry experience without compromise.

We offer state of the art processing facilities, proven inventory control systems and a world class service agenda that includes three distinct service validation systems.

It is with this focus, determination and a commitment to total customer satisfaction that we guarantee our services to be the best commercial value proposition in the industry.

At PureTex, we’re raising the bar for healthcare & Hospitality linen services. We harness the latest technology, deliver unrivaled customer service, and are competitively priced with traditional laundry providers. Experience the PureTex Advantage:

Localized Service:
We are available when issues arise, and we will tailor a delivery schedule that suits your facility. Because each PureTex plant has a small delivery radius, our level of service will not diminish, no matter how large we grow.

High-Performance Technology:
We stay current with the latest technology, and we’re constantly innovating our product line to make it safer, more comfortable, and more cost-effective.

Delivered Billing:
Unlike the competition, we’ll never double-charge you for linens that your facility hasn’t used. Built-in RFID chips track both use and wear and tear.

To find out how PureTex linen services can make your healthcare facility safer, more comfortable, and more efficient, contact us today!


About LifeThreads

The reduction of HAI’s (Healthcare Associated Infections) is widely acknowledged as one of the worlds leading healthcare challenges. Despite the measures taken and improvements made to manage the issue, the current costs associated with HAI, both human and financial, are staggering.

​90% of the patient contact environment is made up of textile soft surfaces. They need a permanent and continuous bacterial management solution and that is exactly what LifeThreads provides.

LifeThreads manufactures technologically advanced medical textiles with an EPA registered antimicrobial active ingredient.Our fabrics are designed to continuously reduce the level of bacteria and can inhibit the growth of up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria found on them.

It is LifeThreads’ mission to help hospitals reduce bacteria on soft surfaces in the patient environment. Our product line include scrubs, lab coats, linens, privacy curtains, and patient gowns.

 Key Features:

  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Antifungal protection
  • Repels dangerous fluids
  • EPA-registered active ingredient
  • Can withstand multiple launderings
  • Fights odors
  • Safe, comfortable and cost-effective

PureTex Advantage

  • Delivered Billing Model – Pay for only what is delivered; reduces cost by up to 40% vs Inventory billing
  • Implementing progressive, environmentally friendly green technologies
  • Implementing an advanced inventory control system - RFID technology. This enables our customers to better manage inventory and loss
  • Supply high performance and antimicrobial textile products at the same price as traditional products
  • Infection Prevention Packaging – Complete assurance and confidence your linens are free of harmful bacteria
  • Flexible delivery schedules
  • Meet or exceeds OSHA, CDC, APIC and Joint Commission standards
  • Unmatched customer service