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Commercial & Medical Laundry Services

Your healthcare linens aren’t simply accessories to your medical practice. From scrubs to cleaning items to sheets and blankets, these valuable textiles can actively combat infection, comfort patients, and streamline operations.

At PureTex, our top priority is to keep your patients and staff comfortable and safe. That’s why we offer the highest quality of commercial laundry services for healthcare linens & medical apparel. Our delivery areas include hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers in the Central Florida area.

We offer a complete line of antimicrobial linens and apparel that inhibits the growth of bacteria by 99.99% on the surface of the fabric. We use state- of- the -art equipment that significantly reduces the amount of natural resources and chemicals that are used in the laundering process. Our hygiene quality exceeds both OSHA & CDC standards, making PureTex Solutions Florida’s most advanced commercial and medical laundry company.


PureTex Advantage

  • Complete line of antimicrobial linens and apparel
  • Performance products that are technology based
  • Delivered billing – pay for what you use
  • Proven delivery systems that manage your inventory
  • Service guarantee


Official Partner

The reduction of HAI's (Healthcare Associated Infections) is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading healthcare challenges. Despite the measures taken and improvements made to manage the issue, the current costs associated with HAI, both human and financial, are staggering.

Secondary infections in hospitals result in more fatalities in the US every year than car accidents, fires and drowning combined, think about that for a second. There has to be a better, easier and a more affordable way to tackle this issue, and luckily there is. It is called Life Threads.

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