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Commercial Laundry Services

Finding the right laundry service is an important decision to make. In doing so, you often expose your business, your reputation, your staff and of course your guests to the unknown tendencies of laundries measuring relationships from a P&L perspective.

At PureTex Solutions, we are a different kind of laundry service. We value the personal side of the business relationship. We seek partners in a shared arrangement for mutual growth and admiration.

We feature the best European equipment and technologies to impress your guests with the finest linen quality in the industry. Our processing plants are new and vibrant and execute only eco-friendly standards.

Our quality standards are measured by human vigilance and a shared perspective with our partners.

PureTex does not boast to be the biggest, nor the cheapest option… but we are a company that wants to partner with successful brands to reinforce a quality and service performance that is rarely seen in our industry.

So, before you make that important decision, we challenge you to come see our plants, talk to our people and see how a true business partner can impact your business. Remember, at Puretex our success is measured by long term relationships and a service platform that truly enables us to be a business resource.

PureTex Advantage

  • Complete line of antimicrobial linens and apparel
  • Performance products that are technology based
  • Delivered billing – pay for what you use
  • Proven delivery systems that manage your inventory
  • Service guarantee


Official Partner

The reduction of HAI's (Healthcare Associated Infections) is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading healthcare challenges. Despite the measures taken and improvements made to manage the issue, the current costs associated with HAI, both human and financial, are staggering.

Secondary infections in hospitals result in more fatalities in the US every year than car accidents, fires and drowning combined, think about that for a second. There has to be a better, easier and a more affordable way to tackle this issue, and luckily there is. It is called Life Threads.

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